Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prorate in and out?

Absolutely! We do want you to have to pay for any days in the month that you're not storing with us! For instance, if you sign your lease on the 10th of the month, your first payment is only for the 10th through the end of the month.

Will you increase my rate?

We guarantee that the rate you sign up for on day one will NOT change for 12 months! Don't let other increase you rate every few months and to think you have already begged your friends and family to help you move once and already bought them

Do I need insurance?

If it's worth storing than it must be worth protecting! We offer low cost coverage for most of life's mishaps for pennies a day.  So, even in the unlikely event that you will ever have a claim, it's comforting to know that the coverage that we can offer protects your belongings in transit on the way to our facility, and there is never a deductible. Ask one of our specialists when you call us.

How can I pay? Can I pay online?

We have several ways that you can pay. Online, by phone, in-person, or auto-pay.  We strongly suggest using the ACH Autopay method.  It safely and automatically transfers your payment directly to us for an always on time payment from your checking account on the first of every month.

Do I need insurance for my stored goods?

Yep, it's a really good idea to insure your items. You are responsible for those items you store at LBJ Self Storage and insurance for those items is required.  We offer affordable self storage insurance options at the facility.  In the event that you are already covered, a copy of the declarations page must be available at the time of rental.

Do you provide locks for my unit?

You will be provided a combination to a heavy duty, high quality Masterlock Padlock that will allow you access to your empty unit. You are welcome to keep and use that lock for a purchase price of $18. Or feel free to use your own lock and simply return our lock to the dropbox at the office for no charge, whichever is best for you!